About Sandra (Sandy) Hilton, DPT

in Tigard, OR

Sandra Hilton

Sandra (Sandy) Hilton graduated with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 1988 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Des Moines University in 2013. Sandy has contributed to multiple book chapters and papers, including 2 books for understanding and treating pain: “Why Pelvic Pain Hurts” (OPTP) and “Self-Care for Pelvic Pain” (OPTP). She is an international instructor and an invited speaker on treating pain and pelvic health for all genders.

Sandy is a regular contributor on health related podcasts, and is co-host of the Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast. She is also a regular contributor to PhysioNetwork, an evidence review for clinicians. She remains up to date with the emerging trends and evidence in the treatment of pain via The International Association for the Study of Pain and The International Pelvic Pain Society.

Since moving back to the Portland area in 2023, Sandy is spending her free time outside on hikes or exploring the local coffee and tea shops.