Acupuncture With Collin Stoll, LAC


I graduated with a masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1998. Since 1999 I have had the honor to work with the practitioners and clients of SW Physical Therapy. I have dedicated my professional life to serving you through the art of Chinese medicine so that you may have greater opportunity to live life fully.
The foundation of my practice is the time honored principle of listening to you, your body, your whole being. Through careful listening I am able to focus on your health concerns and aspirations and treat you appropriately with acupuncture, herbal medicine, questions and advice. You can visit my website at


It’s probably more accurate to say who I treat. I treat you as a whole person. The list below of the diseases, disorders and conditions often represents symptoms of a greater imbalance of the mind, body and spirit. For instance Heart patients often experience, for no apparent reason, depression after surgery. In Chinese Medicine Acupuncture points that treat heart disease and hypertension also treat emotional disturbances. It is not uncommon to find several seemingly unconnected conditions in someone that can be treated together. In Chinese Medicine we call this treating the root and the branch.


Chinese Medicine and specifically acupuncture started in China as a system of healing over 2,000 years ago. Over the centuries it has evolved and grown throughout Asia as a time honored form of healing. Today, acupuncture is used successfully, not only in Asia, but also throughout the world.

Fine, hair thin needles are inserted into precisely located “points” in the body in order to unblock and harmonize the flow of blood containing nutrients, hormones and Qi ( pronounced Chi) which translates as vital air or oxygen. The “Yin-Yang” or Tai Qi symbol above reflects the fundamental idea of balance and harmony within Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).

According to TCM, several attributes distinguish a healthy person. Including: strong and balanced pulses, a uniform pink tongue with a thin white coating, lustrous skin and hair, bright eyes, keen hearing, good posture, pleasant voice, sweet breath, relaxed and alert demeanor and fluid physical movement. These outer signs reflect a harmonious and dynamic balance within the persons vital systems. Such a person continuously and successfully adjusts to and flows with life’s daily challenges. However, a disruption in the flow, for any reason, will cause imbalances within that person. If a balanced flow is not restored, symptoms or pathologies manifest. Because of this perspective, TCM addresses not only the symptoms, but also the patterns and causative factors creating disease.

Acupuncture is one of the most direct ways to restore movement toward a more balanced, healthy, free flowing state of being. Furthermore, when combined with herbal therapy, a healthy balanced diet, exercise and life style, the results can be even greater and longer lasting.


Acupuncture feels very different from the sensation of receiving an injection. Injections often create pain because of the rigid, large diameter, hollow needles used and the pressure of medication being forced into tissue. In contrast, acupuncture needles are flexible and hair thin. When inserted by a skilled practitioner, most people experience minimum discomfort. Treatments are often very relaxing and many patients report falling asleep during a treatment.


Reactions can vary after an acupuncture treatment as your vital energy begins to move toward balance.  Some anxious patients report feelings of deep relaxation and a desire to nap.  While lethargic patients often experience a renewed sense of vitality and clarity.  Sometimes there is a temporary intensification of physical or emotional symptoms, as someone heals from long held traumas and move towards balance.


Wear loose comfortable clothing.


One of the great advantages of acupuncture is the lack of negative side effects. The hair thin, flexible needles generally cause no bleeding when inserted or removed.
Only one-use, disposable, sterile, stainless steel needles are used, thus eliminating the risk of needle-borne infection.


The State of Oregon, through the Board of Medical Examiners, has very strict laws governing the practice of Acupuncture. Licensure by the Board is based on several criteria including graduation from a nationally and locally accredited graduate program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and the successful completion of written and practical national boards. Training includes studies in Western Medical science, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine, Oriental Massage and several hundred hours of observational and hands on clinical internship. Licensure permits a practitioner to work independently using Acupuncture, Oriental massage, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary and life style advice based on the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


  • It is safe, effective and lacks side effects.
  • It helps people regain control of their own bodies and health care.
  • It works in conjunction with Western Medicine to treat illness more effectively.
  • The whole person is treated, rather than just the disease.
  • It stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Check with your insurance. If they cover acupuncture, we can bill them for you.
Cost negotiable on an individual basis.